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July 2014

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[sticky post] Wants


Main Collection: Archen
Side Collection: Charizard Pokedoll & Pokemon Time lines
Other: Heliolisk

When giving me your price, please include shipping. Note that I live in Australia.

Archen Wants

MPC Archen (Due for release in January I believe) - OBTAINED Feb 2013

Pokemon Kids Archen Figurine - Looking for one that comes with the box and the card/sticker thing I think it comes with OBTAINED JAN/FEB 2013

Archen Pokemon cards - Looking for English reverse holo cards in both card designs

Archen Badge - These were given away at a mall chain AEON I believe, this is pretty much my grail, they've dropped off the net :(

Charizard Wants
For these wants, I'm just trying to find some good prices of these things I wouldn't mind having~

Charizard Notebook: Looking for an unused one in good condition - OBTAINED Nov 2012

Not pokemon time, but I will own you someday when I have the money ;_; - OBTAINED March 2014

Pokemon Time Charizard Statue, unfortunately this came out shortly after I left Japan. I probably will never be able to afford this. - OBTAINED July 2014

Pokemon Time Charizard 2012 candy tin - Can trade 2013 jewelled mew or amphoros pokemon time tin for this - PENDING

Pokemon Time Charizard 2012 Clearfile OBTAINED JULY 2014

Pokemon Time Charizard 2012 Bookmark (came in the back of the charms) - Can trade 2012 full art dragonair pokemon time bookmark for this OBTAINED JULY 2014

2013 Ichiban Pokedoll Figure - OBTAINED JULY 2014

2013 Charizard Pokedoll Charm - OBTAINED JULY 2014

Heliolisk Wants

I may still take trades for these items but am probably not up for purchasing them
Heliolisk Clearfile - OBTAINED DEC 2013

Heliolisk Metal Charm - Not interested in helioptile

Heliolisk Deck!! - OBTAINED JULY 2014

Card - Also looking for Japanese version, reverse holo

Heliolisk Tretta Cards - Looking for both and the shiny version

Heliolisk pokemon kid figure - OBTAINED AUGUST 2014

Misc. Wants

2013 Movie Banpresto UFO Vaporeon - Looking for one in good condition, tag not required but preferred


Archen TCG cards (non-holo)

Hi, I have a couple of mint (just removed from booster packs & stored) Archen TCG cards.

Unfortunately they're not holo:
#53/101 Plasma Blast
#66/101 Noble Victories

They're both English versions. I don't have sales permission, but you can have them if you'd like. =)

Oh & I'm in Australia too!

Re: Archen TCG cards (non-holo)

I don't have the plasma blast card so how much are you selling it for? :)

Re: Archen TCG cards (non-holo)

You can have them both for free. If you want them. They'll just sit in storage otherwise lol.
Oh really that's so nice of you, if you want we can make it a trade and I can send you a little thing in return :)
We can do that if you'd like. I don't mind. If you PM me your details I can send them off next week. =^.^=
Hey there! I didn't want to PM you because I thought it might go to suspicious messages but I was reading your post and unfortunately didn't get to finish it before it was gone suddenly. D:
Were you asked to remove it? :(
Apparently posts of that nature are not allowed as the main topic of a community post and I didn't realise so the mods deleted it. I understand why though, and it wasn't an act of maliciousness by someone who knew the person I was talking about. It is a shame though.

If there is anything you want to know you can send me a pm and I will check, most messages come through alright though.

Edited at 2016-04-30 12:53 am (UTC)
I see, it's a shame though because mods and the comm should at least be aware of people scamming in the Pokemon community. :(
I'm very sorry you had to go through all that! :/
I got to the part where she had said you were "fired" as a customer?
What ever happened? Did it get resolved otherwise?
(Feel free to pm me if you prefer! <3)
After that I said it was a dispute not a claim (disputes are just your way of communicating with the seller and is used as proof for paypal if you do decide to escalate to a claim, so they are pretty harmless as far as I know), she removed me from the group.
While she said she would be refunding me I haven't received any money yet, but I have added another message to my dispute to say I just want my money back.
Ugh that seems so frustrating. I don't understand how she can get away with this and is likely also doing it to others as well. :((
I hope you get this resolved. I'm truly sorry it happened. I'd be beyond pissed! O__O
Yeah honestly the worst thing about this is someone that is in the group sent me a pm saying that the call out post is still up and people are having a free for all against me :/ it's very horrible. And I have never had to open paypal claims or disputes before so I have no idea if it is appropriate to up it to a claim or if I should just be waiting for a refund.
What?? The call out post you made here, or in that facebook comm? :(
That's really messed up, I'm so sorry. I still thinks it's weird there isn't a part of this comm where you can inform other members of bad behavior. :/
On her facebook group, that post she made is still up and people were commenting in approval of her :s And I agree, actually in the past they have allowed those kinds of posts so it is unfortunate that they don't any more.
Apparently posts of that nature are not allowed as the main topic of a community post and I didn't realise so the mods deleted it. I understand why though, and it wasn't an act of maliciousness by someone who knew the person I was talking about. It is a shame though.