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July 2014

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General Info/Rules

* I ship from Victoria, Australia
* I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 11/12/12
* I require full payment upfront and in USD
* Postage will be standard airmail in a basic envelope unless you want to pay for registered/other forms of mail or packaging
* I do my best to package your items, if you would like me to take extra measures to insure your item arrives safely please let me know
* You must pay the paypal fee
* Minimum Purchase $5
* Sale items are for sale or trade, trade items are trade only


Small/flat items (flats, figures, keyrings)
* USA, Europe - $3.00
* Asia, New Zealand - $2.00
* Australia - $1.00

Large/light items (such as plush, items with large dimensions)
* USA - $15.00
* Europe - $18.00
* Asia, New Zealand - $13.00
* Australia - $8.00 (Express $10.50)

***Please note that items with a * next to them might take a little while to ship as I currently have them stored at my parent's house***

*Pokemon Cards for Sale

Online TCG Codes - All 6 0.50c
Holos on pic 1 - $2 ea
Trainer cards on pic 1 - $1 ea
All on pic 2 and 3 - 50c ea

Other Pokemon Sales

Pokedoll keyrings: Blastoise, Mewtwo - $15 each

Pokemon XY Super Music Collection - 4 discs featuing artwork on 4 discs, plus a booklet featuring some concept art from XY - $30

Pokemon Items for TRADE OR OFFER ONLY

I am hesitant to let these items go, so I only want to trade for items on my want list or will sell for irresistible offers

Game Freak Game Artworks Collection - All postcards included, all in good condition. MAY separate but would rather not

Eevee & friends cookie tin, also featuring pikachu and oshawott - Will take a very good offer to take this from me

Froakie Zukan

Vaporeon mini pokemon center plush
Sylveon mini pokemon center plush
Black 2 pre order coin
Silver metal mega aerodactyl
Pokemon time 2012 dragonair bookmark
Chespin 3ds stylus
Pokemon time 2013 mew tin
Pokemon time 2013 amphoros tin
Korean flareon card
Korean glaceon/leafeon stage card
Korean deoxys card (sorry can't remember what the series of cards is called in English)

Non Pokemon Items for Sale

Survey Corps jacket, Japanese size XXL (about western size L), super good quality jacket, only worn once - $50

Kyubey train pass stickers - $3 each, both for $5.50

Animal Crossing e-reader cards, the back has information about each character - $2 each, pattern cards $1 each

Sword art online rubber keychain Lisbeth - $2

Hetalia Messenger bag - Used condition $10


How big is the McDonalds poster? :o
I'm interested in it but I don't see anything else I'd like to buy...
It's maybe just a little smaller than A3 size? Unfortunately someone has already committed to it though
double sided mcdonald's poster pls to Canada ^^

Still looking ;D

and the mcdonald's sticker sheet ;3 I dunno what would you consider a fair offer? ;3 only really want it for Sylveon xD

since I know the minimum purchase is $5 I'd gladly pay that before shipping for both ;3

Edited at 2014-06-26 12:08 am (UTC)
That would be fine, it just wouldn't be worth my time if I went and posted out items worth less than the shipping, y'know?
Did you just want me to cut out all the sylveon stickers for you (there are a few different designs with sylveon) or did want the whole sheet?
What would you be interested in trading for?
Things on my wants list or some things that sound like they should be on my wants list but aren't listed XD I'm willing for it to be a partial trade either way if there is a value difference if it's on my wants list.
Wants post here: http://torotix.livejournal.com/622.html
Would you take 10 dollars for your Eevee tin? ;-; It's so cute aah.
Sorry I'll have to pass and yeah it is super cute which is why I'm kind of attached :
Could I get a quote for Jolteon to Ireland please? :D
Ouch it sounds like it would be $55.92 including fees for airmail, $45.62 for sea mail. And that is the smallest option for parcels unfortunately.

eevee bag

Hi could you take pictures of the eevee bag all around?

How much would it be to ship to 60447? Usa, Illinois

Re: eevee bag

It would be $38 shipped to USA (sorry I can't do much about the shipping).
Here are pics of the back and inside:
Reaaaaally WOULDNT mind that cookie tin...
Hmm I could do that although if you're in the USA shipping will be $15 and the total would come to $46.65 so I understand if that would get to be too much.
I'm actually in Canada.. /;
I can do that but I would have to pay when I get my paycheck on Friday (had no idea you were in Australia- I should have probably read your thingie more in depth lol)
Can I pay Friday when I pay another community member? Or no..
It's totally up to you, but if you are okay with it, I am committed :)