Main Collection: Archen
Side Collection: Charizard Pokedoll & Pokemon Time lines
Other: Heliolisk

When giving me your price, please include shipping. Note that I live in Australia.

Archen Wants

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Charizard Wants
For these wants, I'm just trying to find some good prices of these things I wouldn't mind having~

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Heliolisk Wants
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Misc. Wants

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General Info/Rules

* I ship from Victoria, Australia
* I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 11/12/12
* I require full payment upfront and in USD
* Postage will be standard airmail in a basic envelope unless you want to pay for registered/other forms of mail or packaging
* I do my best to package your items, if you would like me to take extra measures to insure your item arrives safely please let me know
* You must pay the paypal fee
* Minimum Purchase $5
* Sale items are for sale or trade, trade items are trade only


Small/flat items (flats, figures, keyrings)
* USA, Europe - $3.00
* Asia, New Zealand - $2.00
* Australia - $1.00

Large/light items (such as plush, items with large dimensions)
* USA - $15.00
* Europe - $18.00
* Asia, New Zealand - $13.00
* Australia - $8.00 (Express $10.50)

***Please note that items with a * next to them might take a little while to ship as I currently have them stored at my parent's house***

*Pokemon Cards for Sale

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Other Pokemon Sales

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Pokemon Items for TRADE OR OFFER ONLY

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Non Pokemon Items for Sale

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